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About Us

Do you feel like there is just too much disconnect from services you utilise for your dog? Salty Pack bridges the gap giving you one place for all your dog service needs whether it is training, grooming, or house and pet sitting. 

Salty Pack’s goal is to provide a safe and effective way for dogs and owners to have their best, most fulfilling life together.

Salty Pack Leader

Kristen has been involved in the dog industry training her own dogs since 2016, and as a qualified trainer since 2018. Kristen is so excited to bring her experience with and love of dogs to Sunshine Coast dogs and dog owners.

Kristen holds a Certificate III in Dog Training & Behaviour, the only Australian-government recognised certificate, as well as a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment so you know you are getting the best quality. Kristen also holds a First Aid & CPR Certification for Human and Dogs to maintain the utmost safety when it comes to your four-legged best friend. Being from America, Kristen has an Undergraduate Degree in Psychology, with a minor in Education from the University of California, Davis.

Salty Pack Trainer

Ellie comes from a background working at a large dog training facility, so has her fair share of experience! This caring, dedicated, and dog loving woman recently has her Certificate III in Dog Training and Behaviour and loves helping owners and dogs find success and FUN in their training! Ellie has a dog of her own, an Australian Cattle Dog named Willow who can do some pretty cool tricks like “Slam dunk!” a ball into a hoop!

Salty Pack Head Dog

Coming into his fur-ever home with Kristen and her husband at 2-years-old, Bear immediate knew how to steal hearts, and tennis balls. Bear is quite an avid runner, participating in many short and long distance races with Kristen with a couple of top 3 finishes as well! Bear has even done a 55km race with Kristen, where they won 2nd place! Along with running, Bear is currently enjoying doing Canine Nose Works. Bear’s signature move is a butt-spin, when you see this, he’s ready to play!

Salty Pack Assistant to the Head Dog

This silly, and loveable goof-ball brings joy into everyone’s lives around him! Moose LOVES to play tug-of-war, and will do almost anything for another hit of dopamine! Recently, Moose has taken an interest in joining his mum and Bear for runs and building his fitness up slowly and surely, which has helped him in his agility skills too! When Moose was a puppy, his ears were SO big that they looked like antlers. Since his mum and dad already had a “Bear”, they thought that “Moose” was a fitting name!