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Dog Being Trained


Our Training Philosophy

Recognising that all dogs and all people learn different, Salty Pack ensures that the training plan laid out is going to suit all dog and handler combos. Coming from a balanced training background, Salty Pack utilises all types of learning for all types of dogs.

To start, finding our dogs motivators is a huge start point as it will help to provide us success in the long term. Communication with our dogs can sometimes feel clunky, so Salty Pack spends time developing the handler-dog language to lean into behaviours that we love and want to promote!

Every dog has the potential to learn and progress more, and Salty Pack is here to help guide both handler and dog to their highest potential for a long and happy life together.

Group Training

Private Training

Walk & Train

Before engaging in any services (except grooming), all teams must do a 1-Hour In-Home Private Lesson/Assessment. This allows for feedback to be given at home in regards to rules, structures, boundaries, and nutrition to set up teams for the best success possible. In this session, you will get an overview of Salty Pack’s style of training to make sure it is a good fit, and will come up with a training plan moving forward to achieve any goals agreed upon. This session is mostly theoretical, and not too much hands on, but you will receive a lot of information from your trainer so a follow-up email is also provided to layout all discussions had and suggestions made.

1 Hour In-Home Private Lesson & Assessment
  • Single Session: $115

In these 1-hour Private Lessons, handlers are present with their dogs and have the hour to work with a trainer in regards to overall in-home behaviours or general obedience in- or out-of-home depending on handler request. At the end of the session, depending what was discussed and reviewed, a brief overview and homework will be sent out after the session to make sure progress continues to happen outside of formal training hours. Private Lessons are preferred for dog and handler teams who are looking to improve their communication and handling together.

1 Hour Private Lesson
  • Single Session: $115
  • 3-Pack: $310 (10% off)
  • 5-Pack: $490 (15% off)

Have a busy schedule but still want to see improvements in your dog? Walk & Trains are a great way to get progress in training. A professional trainer comes to your house, and guides your dog in general obedience and lead walking, even if you are out and about at work!

This 45-minute session involves a trainer coming to your home and taking your dog out for a session in your general area. Session focuses on lead manners and general obedience skills with a brief overview and homework sent out after the session to make sure progress continues to happen outside of formal training hours. These sessions are great for those who are busy and still want to see improvement in their dog, and are wonderful supplements to Private Lessons.

45 Minute Walk & Train
  • Single Session: $70
  • 5-Pack: $315 (10% off)
  • 10-Pack: $595 (15% off)

Private Lesson and Walk & Train packages are a fantastic utilisation of your dog getting one-on-one training with a professional trainer, and then being able to communicate their newly learned skills to you! Private Lesson and Walk & Train Packages can be more customisable on request, and are one of our favourite ways to train dogs and people!

1 Hour Private Lesson and 45 Minute Walk & Train
  • Single Package: $185
  • 5-Pack Walk & Train with 1 Private Lesson : $420 (10% off)
  • 10-Pack Walk & Train with 2 Private Lessons: $790 (15% off)